Dear Concierge,

At Speed Luxury Car Rental, our clients are our top priority, and we choose to partner only with the very best of the best in concierge services. When we partner with you, we ensure that your compensation is delivered within 10 days of the return of the client’s car rental. You are important to us.

Here is how the Speed Concierge Club rules work for your benefit:

1) With every $1 your referred clients spends = you receive 1 point For example: a 10 Days Porsche Carrera Rental is $499 x 10 (Days) = $4,990 Commission: 20% = $998.00 (Minus Credit Card fee). You will receive 4990 Points for this referral. Sales tax and insurance are not included in the referral points system.

2) Your commission is always your commission. Points are awarded on top of commission and are independent of commission.

3) You have the options to either accumulate points as an individual concierge, or as a Team (Hotel Concierge). More points = More prizes! As a general rule, we will put all points under the team of the Hotel Concierge. When you register, if you choose to, you can give us the name of each one of your representatives.

4) Points are non transferable to others.

5) When you redeem a portion of your points, only those points are used (exchanged for a prize) and extinguished. All remaining unused points are retained in your account balance.

6) To register you or your team please send an email to:, in the E-mail subject, please type: “Speed Concierge’s Club Registration”

7) The points system is valid for all reservations booked and completed until December 31th, 2018. Once you are a member of the Speed Concierge’s Car Club, you have two full years in which to redeem your points.

8) Points System

Total Points Prize
Prize 1 20,000 Points I-Phone 8
Prize 2 60,000 Points Electric Bike
Prize 3 100,000 Points Vespa
Prize 4 200,000 Points New Smart Car

Thank you for being a part our premiere Concierge’s Club. We are here to answer any questions and help you in any way. Reach out to us any time regarding the Speed Concierge’s Club, point structure or any other club information. You are very important to us and a valued member.

For more information our Speed Concierge’s Club you can contact us at or call (305) 593-9800.