Description and Specifications

Ferrari California Rental Miami –

The California is Ferrari’s most affordable touring car. It is optimized for on-road comfort rather than all-out performance, with its two-plus-two layout and aluminum convertible top.

Since the introduction of the 1957 California 250 GT, this line has been renowned for elegance, sportiness, versatility and performance. The re-innovated California T is a car worthy of any automobile aficionado or a discerning client seeking a majestically comfortable daily drive.

The California T, while a masterful modernization of the 2008 California also retains every essence of the legendary Ferrari DNA.

Maranello’s engineers have managed to design a remarkable power unit that combines classic Ferrari engine qualities, such as razor-sharp responsiveness, blistering performance, superbly powerful acceleration at all speeds and an exhilarating soundtrack, with the advantages turbo technology, such as drastically reduced emissions and fuel consumption, a high specific power output and compact dimensions. A genuinely unprecedented achievement that sets a new benchmark for the industry.

4.3L V-8

483 @ 7,750 rpm

7-spd auto-shift man w/OD

The new turbocharged Ferrari V8 engine, a result of painstaking craft and cutting edge innovation is now back at the heart of our latest piece of artistry. Capable of razor sharp responsiveness, blistering performance with an exhilarating soundtrack, backed by turbo technology, it is in every respect a classic Ferrari engine.

0-60 3.8 seconds

4 passengers

13 City / 19 HWY
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