Bruno Speed Luxury Car Rental Team

Bruno Vargas is the CEO and Founder of Speed Luxury Group. Growing up in Brazil, he spent much time playing with toy cars as many boys do, as well as many treasured hours with his father, watching racing, which he still enjoys doing today. He began his deep automotive interest at a young age and growing into the industry was a natural progression with his love of vehicles.

Twelve years ago, he began work for a major car rental company as a driver. This passion grew quickly and he rapidly became the general manager of the company within 4 short years.

“I really love to provide the very best cars, and make dreams come true for my customers. Our vision and creation, is to offer the client the opportunity to feel as if they are driving their own car. New cars, well maintained and clean- it is critical to me as a company leader.”

In 2011, when he decided to open his own business, he attracted savvy investors that believed in his person and his ideals. “I decided that rather than using an outside sales company for our sales department, we would open our company up to include an exclusive dealership specializing in high-end vehicles and sports car sales, alongside of our elite car rental company, Speed Luxury Car Rentals. Exceptional service is of paramount importance to me and this company.”

Mr. Vargas is an active athlete, with a passion for running and cycling. He has completed numerous half- marathons. He is married to the lovely Tatiana, who is a talented legal mind, and enjoys raising their three children, Bruno Jr, Anthony and Maria together. “Besides my passion for sports cars, I enjoy frequenting many car events, factories, such as Mercedes- Benz and Porsche, and automobile museums-  I am also a member of the Porsche Club of America.”